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Parent Counseling

Building the kind of relationship you want with your children.

Feel overwhelmed by your child? Uncertain about what they might be feeling and how to help them? Parenting poses a unique stress to adults because children are not born with instructions. As parents we often feel like we’re in survival mode with the demands of our family and at times feel empty when our kids seem to drain all of our emotional and physical energy.

Children are not always aware that Mom and Dad have to also cook, clean, work, schedule activities, and care for their own feelings as well. Late nights, emotional tantrums, school problems, and misbehavior at home is enough to break the strongest of us. We often feel over our heads when it comes to correcting our child’s behavior and enforcing boundaries. But the most critical factor in affecting behavioral change in our child is not discipline techniques but rather the kind of relationship we have with them.

When your child goes through counseling with one our therapists you also receive support.  Parent Consults are a regular session you will personally have with your child’s therapist at least every 4 sessions or about once per month.  This gives you an opportunity to get updates on their progress in therapy, process issues at home or school, and discuss parenting strategies.  We believe, and research shows, that the parent-child relationship is the most curative factor for children so the more we can help parents the better off children are and the sooner they complete therapy.  But there are times when parents of young children really need to hit the reset button and that is where Parenting CPR comes in.

We offer a specialized training experience we call Parenting CPR.  This is based on the Child-Parent-Relationship Therapy model designed by Drs. Garry L. Landreth and Sue C. Bratton (founder of the Center for Play Therapy at the University of North Texas and director of the Center for Play Therapy, respectively).  Its central emphasis is that: The most important bond for the child and most critical healing factor in their lives is their relationship with their parents. We use both group and individual formats for clients and guide them through a 10-week process of strengthening their relationship with their child through the medium of play.

Training Components of CPRT:

  • How to therapeutically play with your child once per week for 30 minutes
  • Reflecting the child’s feelings
  • Setting Limits
  • Choice-Giving
  • Returning Responsibility
  • Building Self-Esteem
  • Encouragement
  • Benefits of the CPRT Experience:
    • Improved relationship with the child
    • Regaining control of self in your parenting style
    • Increased warmth and trust between parent and child
    • Regaining playfulness in the relationship
    • Experiencing the joy of parenting

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