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Couples Counseling

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If you’re considering couples counseling, you may not be sure if you even want to stay together because of an affair, abuse, neglect or unresolved conflict. The relationship that once provided nurture and protection has become a source of hurt and pain. Couples therapy is a place to address the concerns in the relationship and learn how to discuss and work through them. We generally use an approach known as Gottman Method for Couples’ Therapy (for more information please visit This approach is research-based, helping couples turn around problems in the relationship and build lasting respect and trust.

We will begin with an initial session together to complete disclosure forms, determine your goals, and discuss the presenting problems in your relationship. As we progress, we may meet with each partner individually for 1-2 sessions to understand their individual background and perspective on the relationship. We include assessments throughout treatment to assess the strengths and needs of the relationship.

Challenges in the marital relationship can cause stress for children, too. Sometimes parents have difficulty providing for the emotional needs of their children because all of their energy is expended in the conflict with their spouse. We have experience helping parents navigate talking with their children and teaching effective coping and parenting skills. We also provide therapy for children and teens.

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