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Life can be Incredibly painful. We’ll help you discover and tap into your
inner strength—strength you didn’t even know you had.

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When people come for therapy, it is often when they feel they are at the end of their rope. This is why trust, listening, and empathy are so integral in our approach. We’ll listen as you begin to tell your story and then we’ll help you start to work through the solutions to get yourself moving again. This is more than just a therapeutic or counseling approach, it’s just the best way to care for you and come alongside you.

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If you’re considering couples counseling, you may not be sure if you even want to stay together because of an affair, abuse, neglect or unresolved conflict. The relationship that once provided nurture and protection has become a source of hurt and pain. Couples therapy is a place to address the concerns in the relationship and learn how to discuss and work through them.

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Feel overwhelmed by your child? Uncertain about what they might be feeling and how to help them? Parenting poses a unique stress to adults because children are not born with instructions. As parents we often feel like we’re in survival mode with the demands of our family and at times feel empty when our kids seem to drain all of our emotional and physical energy.

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Children growing into adolescence experience several transitions in their lives—leaving childhood behind, physical development, social growth, hormonal changes, shifting from concrete thinking to abstract reasoning, moral development, and spiritual/values exploration. As parents we feel challenged when our child has difficulty at home or at school. We use both talk and activity therapy in working with pre-teens and adolescents dependent on their needs.

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Adults have the cognitive ability to think abstractly, use language, and talk with others about their problems. Children, however, have not developed these abilities yet. Instead, children use play as the medium for the expression of their feelings, thoughts, choices, and identity.

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Parenting CPR

Most other parent training programs focus on techniques to correct or extinguish children’s problematic behavior. C-P-R Training enhances and strengthens the relationship between the parent and child by equipping parents with basic play therapy skills.

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