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Something New at The Daddy Daughter Dance

By February 3, 2014 No Comments

Had a really great time with my four daughters at the Frisco Daddy Daughter dance tonight. My wife Jill put a lot of work and thought into selecting their dresses and shoes as any Mom would know how much time it takes to find an affordable and pretty dress for a dance as well as shoes that fit and feel right on their feet. Such an individual choice of course. And it was no small task getting them ready with the hair and a few accessories. She also arranged for us to have dinner afterward with some friends whose girls are in my daughter's grade at school. Every dance is special, this was our third. Tonight, something new happened.

We have triplet girls that are 7 and a 6 year old daughter as well.  I think I’m the only guy there with 4 princesses but I could be wrong.  They are good about sharing Daddy as we all dance together.  I love being in this tight mob of dads and daughters and just being around other men who love their little girls like I do mine.  We danced with some of their school friends and like most girls they danced together too.  Tonight one of my daughters in particular was emotionally and physically closer to me than usual.  During a few slow dances she made her way to me first and was right there hugging my leg and waist.  I loved it of course, I love her, just like the other three.  And I loved to see her smiling as we were close, she was not embarrassed.  She is growing up.  And tonight for the first time ever I felt like there was not enough of me to go around.  But I was still just so happy to be with my girls.

On the way to the restaurant we all talked about the dance and our favorite parts.  This daughter said something new again, “My favorite part was taking pictures together because when I grow up I’m going to miss you.”  That really got me.  Later we enjoyed a long and fun dinner with our friends at La Hacienda Ranch, one of the girls’ favorite places because of the pony rides out front.  At bedtime it all caught up with her it seemed, she started crying with my wife and asking her questions about love and our love for her, just wanting the reassurance.  It helped her to be allowed to lay down with Mom for a while as I put her sisters to bed and later brought her upstairs.

I noticed this several weeks ago.  Her growing up.  She just seemed and looked to be gradually leaving the young child years behind her.  Tonight it was like she was together, then fell to pieces, then came back together again.  I have to also write of something else new and, to me strange, that happened.  On the dance floor for the first time, as I felt there was not enough of me to go around, I hoped for 4 godly and good men to someday marry my daughters and give them that sole and individual and exclusive love it is sometimes hard for me to give with all 4 clamoring for our attention.  Something good and right is happening in her tonight.  She is growing up.  I am so proud of her and love her, and her sisters, so much.

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