Frequently Asked Questions

How much does counseling cost?


    • We are out-of-network and will provide a receipt with insurance coding.
    • Clients file their own claims for possible reimbursement.
    • Please check with your carrier for your benefits and reimbursement amount.

Session Rates for Therapists

    • Dean Wisdom (fully licensed/owner): $195 per session (individual therapy for adults and teens, play therapy for children, parent consultation). $225 per session (2+ people at same time which includes couples’ therapy, sibling play, and family sessions).
    • Teri Davies (fully licensed):  $120 per session (adults, couples, teens, pre-teens).  $160 per session (families).  $150 couple intake session.
    • Accepted forms of payment: cash, check, cashiers check, Discover, VISA, MC, American Express, and flex/HSA accounts with a credit card.
    • I provide in-person and virtual sessions at the same rates.

How long will I be in counseling?

At the first session we:

  • Listen to your story and what brings you to counseling.
  • Work with you to determine a treatment plan and goals.

Average length of counseling in my practice experience:

  • Results cannot be predicted or guaranteed but clients may average 3-9 months in therapy dependent on the issue and their time investment.
  • Some clients need feedback and guidance on a specific issue while others seek longer term progress.

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