Wisdom Professional Counseling

Feeling overwhelmed? We can help.

No one said life was easy. And no one ever said that we should be able to make it through life on our own.

We would love to come alongside you—or someone you love—to listen to you, to understand what you’re going through, and help you find the strength to move toward a better life.

We’re located in Plano, Texas … and we’d love to help you get back on track. At Wisdom Professional Counseling, we work with individuals, couples, families, teenagers, and children—no matter the issue, no matter the challenge. Our areas of treatment include: EMDR therapy, couples therapy, pre-marital counseling, individual counseling, play therapy, men’s issues, divorce and separation counseling, and parenting issues; dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression; overcoming sexual abuse, domestic violence, and trauma; navigating ADHD, conflict, grief, loss, self-esteem issues, and bi-polar disorder; managing boundaries, school problems, anti-social behavior, aggression, and bullying.

Whatever it is, you don’t have to go through it alone.

Why Choose Us?

There are three main things about Wisdom Professional Counseling that set us apart.

  • Dean Wisdom sees adults, couples and children for therapy.
  • We view our therapeutic relationship with you as the primary healing factor in your change process.  That means we care about you and want to know your story and help you move forward.
  • We are a bit older.  This brings added maturity and life-experience clients benefit from in the counseling process

We’ll take the time to get to know you and your story. Then, we’ll help point the way forward, no matter what you’re facing.

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