You’re Stronger

Than You Think.

Life can be Incredibly painful. We’ll help you discover and tap into your
inner strength—strength you didn’t even know you had.

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Feeling overwhelmed? We can help.

Some challenges in life seem to come out of nowhere. Other times, we allow struggles to weigh us down for years before we’re at the point to ask for help. As a family counseling practice, the services offered by Wisdom Professional Counseling are designed to help adults, couples, families, teenagers, and children to discover a better life. That includes you.

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All of us face things that seem overwhelming in life. We’ll help you find a way through.


We’ve helped many couples find and rebuild trust—and we can help you, too.


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by parenting. We’re here to help.


Teens are in a unique time of life and they need the right kind of help.


Make an appointment with our Registered Play Therapist to help your child.

Parenting CPR

Learn and practice proven techniques for connecting with and guiding your child.

Why Choose Us?

No one said life was easy. And no one ever said that we should be able to make it through life on our own.

We would love to come alongside you—or someone you love—to listen to you, to understand what you’re going through, and help you find the strength to move toward a better life.

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Dean Wisdom

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, National Certified Counselor, Registered Play Therapist

Sarina Price

Licensed Professional Counselor, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

Teri Davies

Licensed Professional Counselor

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